Cortana and Bing get some new Halloween features


Microsoft today added some nice features for Bing and Cortana today. The company has added a new feature to Bing and Cortana which will allow users to ask the personal assistant or search engine what they should wear for Halloween. If you are using Cortana on Windows 10, simply ask her “what should I wear for Halloween?” and she will recommend something for you. Alongide this new addition, Microsoft has also added some inspiration for pumpkin carving and festive food ideas to Bing. Halloween-blog_P6_102615-1024x501

Microsoft has unveiled the spooky look for Bing Maps today:

Your drive just got a little more fun this week with the Bing Spooky Map* experience. Starting today you can opt-in to the Spooky Map to see the frighteningly fun color palate and a new set of Halloween-themed icons to denote landmarks. We’ve even curated a list of haunted houses in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada.

What do you think of the new Halloween features for Cortana and Bing?