Updated With Some Great Grammy Moments

Bing Awards Grammys

Microsoft Bing announced the launch of, an awards season resource guide for consumers last month. It offers an interactive look at the 2014 award season including Golden Globes, the Grammy’s and the Oscars. Microsoft then said that the site will be updated periodically as the award season progresses. As Grammys 2014 got over yesterday, has now highlighted some performances from the event.

The night was kicked off by a glamorous red carpet and one of the biggest color trends of the night was metallic. Taylor Swift’s silver Gucci gown captured 70% of the searches followed by Chrissy Teigen, Ciara, and Rita Ora who rocked the gold and silver look as well.

The searches continued throughout the night as the audience was treated to performances that ranged from heavy metal to old-school country and everything in between. No surprise though, it was Katy Perry’s dark and magical performance of “Dark Horses” which featured crystal balls, brooms, and fire, that caused the largest spike in searches from the night.

It was also a night of collaborations with Daft Punk, Stevie Wonder, and Pharrell William’s capturing the audience’s attention the most. Their performance captured 30 percent of the searches among collaborations followed by Kendrick Lamar & Imagine Dragons with 21 percent. The Daft Punk duo’s continued silence while other participants accepted the awards caused a flurry of searches for “Daft Punk faces”, “Daft Punk unmasked” and “what does Daft Punk look like”.

Other top spiking performances in order were: Lorde’s soulful “Royals,” Taylor Swift’s dramatic “All Too Well,” Pink’s acrobatic “Try” and the Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, Queen Latifah and Madonna mass wedding.

If you missed Bing’s Heroic Women of 2013 commercial during the Grammys, you can see it here.

Source: Bing blog