Bing Chat Enterprise for teachers is finally here at no additional cost

August 22, 2023

Bing Chat Enterprise boasts impressive capabilities. It not only assists with numerous time-consuming activities but also places a high emphasis on safeguarding user privacy through top-notch security measures. Now, envision the potential usefulness of this exact Bing Chat Enterprise for teachers – and is available in preview. 

Announced during the Inspire 2023 event last month, Bing Chat Enterprise has been the talk of the town for quite some time. Now, Microsoft has just announced that this very mode is available in preview for teachers, educators, and Microsoft 365 A3 and A5 faculty users with zero additional dollars spent.

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What can it do? Well, Bing Chat Enterprise for teachers can help with tasks such as drafting content, personalizing learning, brainstorming, summarizing PDFs, and improving efficiency. It has a few features here and there that aren’t available in Bing AI Chat for as low as $5 per user per month for business people.

As illustrated by Microsoft in their official blog entry, you could initiate content creation by inputting a request like “generate lesson plans for unit X for my Y class, incorporating pertinent objectives such as A, B, and C.”

“We know generative AI has the potential to help educators, staff, and researchers alike to rediscover the joy of work by alleviating administrative burdens and reclaiming time and energy to focus on what matters most in and outside the classroom. But we also know that to do that, you need to be assured your data will remain protected,” says Microsoft.

Bing Chat Enterprise is available in preview now and will be generally available in September. Though, the bad news is, it is not available for students.


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