Bill Gates: Steve Jobs Would Have Been A Terrible CEO For Microsoft

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There is a new book about Steve Jobs named ‘Becoming Steve Jobs’ which is releasing in the coming weeks. This book includes some exclusive interviews with people who were close to Steve. Bill Gates was also interviewed for this book and some excerpts were posted today.

“You should call your book Don’t Try This at Home,” Bill Gates told us. “That’s the degree of difficulty of what Steve achieved.” There are no truisms about design or simplicity or focus that will transform you or your company. Instead, there’s a narrative of constant change.

He also have mentioned that Steve would have been a terrible Microsoft CEO.

“Can you imagine Steve as the CEO of Microsoft?” Gates cackled during our long interview. “He would have been terrible.”

He also commented on the team that Steve built at Apple.

“That is a really crack team that bonded with each other in toughness. I mean, you can point to every member of that team and say, ‘Okay, he earned his pay, he earned his pay, he earned his pay.’ There’s no weakness in that team.”

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Source: FC