Bill Gates: “I was never in Steve Job’s league”


In an interview on the Becoming Steve JobsBill Gates shares some interesting tidbits about Steve Jobs. In the book, Bill Gates stated:

“I was never in his [Steve Job’s] league. I mean, it was just amazing to see how precisely he would rehearse. And if he’s about to go onstage, and his support people don’t have the things right, you know, he is really, really, tough on them. He’s even a bit nervous because it’s a big performance,” Gates said. “But then he’s, on, and it’s quite an amazing thing. I mean, his whole thing of knowing exactly what he’s going to say, but up on stage saying it in such a way that he is trying to make you think he’s thinking it up right then,”

Apparently, Eric Bedel, the CEO of Lotus invited people to come to Cupertino to check out the developing software for Mac. Bedel stated: “Steve and his whole gang were there, and they’re ignoring not only me but Bill. They’re treating Bill like the fucking janitor.” Bill Gates also added:

“We’d go down to Cupertino and Steve would be like ‘This thing is so fucking cool; in fact, I don’t even know why I’m going to let you guys have anything to do with this. You know I heard what a bunch of idiots you guys are, and, you know, this thing is so golden. It’s going to ship for $999, we’re about nine months away.’”

Bill Gates ended the interview by stating, “Steve’s a tough character, but he didn’t direct his anger at me all too often.”

Source: VentureBeat

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