Big news: in WP8 Apps launched from the start screen will now resume from where they left off

imageIf WPCentral can be believed, Microsoft has addressed a major complaint in Windows Phone 7 in the newer version of the OS.

In Windows Phone 7.5, when an app that has recently been used is relaunched from the start screen it always restarts from the very beginning. This was done on purpose, as Microsoft wanted a consistent user experience from the start screen. This is different from the back button button, which would restore the app to its previous state.

Now WPCentral reports that in Windows Phone 8 “Launching an app that is already running will bring you to where you left off, not restart the app.”

Together with the increased number of apps (8) in the multi-tasking view and new APIs for GPS apps and VOIP I think multi-tasking will be less and less of an issue in Windows Phone.

Do our readers agree? Let us know below.

Update: A word of warning – a contact using WP8 reports that in their version it still works the old way. Hopefully WPC is still right, but so far we can not corroborate the claim.

Update 2: Unfortunately WPCentral has now confirmed this behavior is only for first party apps, with 3rd party apps still working the old way, except for GPS apps, which never suspend.  Somehow I think there’s going to be a lot of apps which suddenly are “GPS enabled” in Marketplace soon.

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