Big App On Campus winners announced


Microsoft has announced the winners of the “Big App on Campus” contest, which encouraged students to develop for the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace.

For the contest the apps were divided into free and paid categories, with each winner receiving $15,000. In addition two People’s Choice winners, based on a Facebook vote, received $2,500.

Winners were chosen 75% by the number of downloads their app received and 25% by the number of likes on the contest’s Facebook page.

The winner in the Paid category was our own Andrew Bares’ Power Planner app, an app described as the "ultimate homework planner", which helps students stay on track with their classes. The app has 163 reviews and a 5-star average and is $1.99+free trial.

The winner in the free category is Ninja Fruit by Jeremiah Isaacson of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.  In Ninja Fruit you play Green Lime, a citrus warrior seeking revenge on the millions of human ninjas who’ve been slicing and dicing your fellow fruit on a daily basis.

The first People’s Choice award went to ScanBizCards by Chevon Christie of CUNY/Hunter College. His business card app uses the phone camera to scan the info on a card and add it to your contacts and is $6.99+free trial.

The second People’s Choice went to Baconit and Quinn Damerell of Purdue University  for his well-designed Reddit app, which has nearly 1000 ratings and a 5-star average.

When asked what he will do with his $15,000 winnings Andrew said “Repay my parents for all the things they have done for me. After that, I may possibly buy a used motorcycle, or be responsible and invest in some stocks! But hey, motorcycles get 50 MPG, I would call that responsible!”

Jeremiah responded to the same question by saying: “The funds will go to college expenses, to support a great non-profit organization called, to purchasing a new development laptop so that I can continue to develop apps when I am on the go, and a portion will go into savings.”

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