Bethesda Softworks’ Wolfenstein developer MachineGames is creating a AAA Indiana Jones game, following the trend of beating up Nazis. Hell yeah! 

Revealed through a short teaser video, the untitled Indiana Jones project will follow an all-new story in the long-running series.

“We’re developing a new Indiana Jones video game!” the studio revealed on Twitter. “As huge fans of the franchise, it’s a tremendous honor for us to create a brand-new Indiana Jones game with a completely original story. We’re very excited and can’t wait to share more in the future!”

Not many details were revealed about the title, but The Elder Scrolls’ Todd Howard has been confirmed as the game’s executive producer.

With Bethesda Softworks parent company Zenimax Media currently ready to be acquired by Microsoft for $7.5 billion, there is reason to expect that this new Indiana Jones game will be an Xbox exclusive release. However, with Bethesda exclusivity on a case-by-case basis there’s hope for a multiplatform launch.

Whatever the case, MachineGames’ Indiana Jones game will be on Xbox Game Pass on launch day.