Best Buy Explains Why There Was A Small Selection Of New Windows 8 PCs In Its Stores

One of the common complaints every analysts reported about Windows 8 sales is the lack of new Windows 8 PCs in retail stores. Best Buy, one of the leading retailers in US had only few models of new Windows 8 PCs. Jason Bonfig, Best Buy’s vice president of merchant computing have told Time in an interview that there were several reasons for the lack of many new PCs in stores.

One of them is that PC makers haven’t been able to deliver their tablets and  hybrids in time for Windows 8?s launch due to issues with manufacturing. Many  Windows 8 tablets use touchscreens larger than 10 inches, which has been the  standard for Android tablets from companies like Samsung, Asus and Acer.  Production is still ramping up for the larger screens, Bonfig said, and while  the manufacturing process for 10-inch panels has been refined over several  years, the process for larger panels is still more likely to produce defective  units. The mechanical aspect of hybrid designs is also new, Bonfig said, so  manufacturers are still trying to improve quality standards there as well.

He also said that Best Buy always try to balance value creation for the customers. They won’t stock up any PC that doesn’t bring value for customers. He said that some Windows 8 hybrids like the ones with detachable keyboards do not provide the value customers expect.

“We felt the customer would either make a choice to buy a less-expensive tablet,  or they would make a choice to buy a more expensive Ultrabook or convertible,  and they weren’t interested in some of the performance and value associated with  a few of those products,” Bonfig said.

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Source: Time

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