Belts and Boxes Has Arrived!

Belts and Boxes, the physics-based platformer thriller, from Return True Studios, is now available to download for the Windows Phone 7.

Belts and Boxes will rekindle your love for the platformer genre. Its refreshing design will grip players, pulling them into the late hours of the night, with its intense action and lasting challenges. Its dazzling physics-oriented gameplay is the perfect balance of finesse vs. brute force, and coordination vs. reactivity.

Your mission: transport “Boxy” to the drop-off point, using player operated conveyor belts. Employ other tactics at your disposal to shuttle “Boxy” including button-controlled latches, movable dummy-boxes that may hoist “Boxy”, and portals that allow “Boxy” to bypass barriers.

Exciting obstacles such as fiery torches, fierce winds, floating platforms, and elevator lifts, are introduced throughout the progression of the game. These obstacles add increasing difficulty in order to keep the gameplay fresh and dynamic between worlds.

To land on moving objects and evade hazards, you will have to precisely plan and master movements, and learn to exploit openings. At other times, quick action is essential to stick rough and forceful landings.

Belts and Boxes has 60 elegant levels, 15 for each of the 4 worlds. An original soundtrack with 5 catchy tunes enhances the game’s mood and immerses the player into the Belts and Boxes world. Finally, to keep players hooked, Belts and Boxes includes 10 achievements that climb in difficulty as the player advances. Free trial is available with 11 playable levels. Full version only $0.99.

Come and check it out on the Marketplace here.