Before Your Eyes releases today with new trailer


8, 2021

A new trailer has just dropped to announce the release of Before Your Eyes, a game you play by blinking. 

After many years in development, and a new name changes for good measure, GoodbyeWorld Games’ Before Your Eyes has launched today on Steam

If you’ve got a webcam, you can play Before Your Eyes by blinking, rather than clicking your mouse, which is an incredibly immersive experience unlike much else in gaming. 

I’ve been lucky enough to play Before Your Eyes already, and I can wholeheartedly say that it’s a phenomenal experience if you’re looking for some emotive storytelling. 

We’ve even got an interview in the works with the developers GoodbyeWorld Games, that we can’t wait to show you shortly. 

For now, you can watch the new launch trailer below to see if it strikes your fancy.

YouTube player

Before Your Eyes is available now for Steam and the Epic Game Store for $9.99 / £7.99.

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