Beezz Twitter app on track for another major update

The Beezz twitter app for Windows Phone 7 is already impressive as it stands, but that is not stopping the developers from making it even better with a new version 1.2. The developer DevMob, gave no time frame on the availability however, the above video gives a sample for what is in stock.The  Boy Genius Report blog has posted some of the new features slated for version 1.2  which include

  • Option to open app directly to main timeline
  • Favorites
  • Saved Searches
  • Old-style Retweet support
  • New live tile, which will include timeline, mentions and DMs
  • Picture Hub integration
  • Internet Explorer integration (tweet a URL from within IE — very handy since there is no copy/paste yet)
  • integration
  • Conversation view

This will definitely set the app as the premier twitter client on the nascent platform if it’s not already.