A Beam app is coming to both the Xbox One and Windows 10 this Winter


Microsoft confirmed that they were purchasing Beam just a little over a month ago, and it seems that they’re already working on new apps for it. Beam is an interactive livestreaming service that lets viewers interact with the games streamers are playing. New apps for both the Xbox One and Windows 10 were confirmed on the official Twitter account, and they’re coming this winter.


The potential for this is certainly interesting. Looking back on the Microsoft acquisition post, Matt Salsamendi, Beam’s co-founder and CEO, mentioned new features.

As Beam becomes part of Team Xbox, you’ll see awesome new features, epic new interactive game integrations, and a huge influx of new community members!

It’s currently unknown if we’ll see any of those new features when the Xbox app launches, but there’s always a chance – the possibilities are infinite. Beam’s current roadmap is also a decent size, and you can see it below.

  • Dynamic Stream Recaps
  • Sub Anniversary Announcements
  • Channel Editors
  • Scheduled Live Streams
  • Team Based Interactive Games
  • Voice Chat Commands
  • Co-Streaming
  • AV1 Stream Encoding
  • Private Messaging
  • Group Messages
  • Moderator Permission Editor
  • Channel Moderation Logs
  • Built-in Donations
  • Theater Mode
  • VOD Chat Replay
  • Console Apps

It’s nice to know that they’ll be able to check that final item off the list when winter rolls in.

Are you a Beam user? Let us know in the comments below!

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