BBM Beta for Windows Phone updated with significant bug fixes


10, 2015


Blackberry has just updated their Blackberry Messenger beta app for Windows Phone.

Separate from their main Windows Phone app, in the beta the company tries out new features.

The update does not actually bring any new features, but does add some significant bug fixes for issues which may have been plaguing users including:image

  • Restarting BBM brings up the “Find friends” screen intermittently
  • BBM crashes when trying to add an image when adding a post
  • Feeds tab does not display splat on Channel or Contacts updates
  • Unable to add screenshots when adding a post with an image
  • Newly created Channel appears with a join icon on search
  • BBM freezes after sending or receiving a Sticker
  • BBM is slow to load featured/owned/subscribed Channels on HTC devices

With several tens of millions of users still on BBM our readers may enjoy this new feature by downloading the app here.

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