Battery life test shows you can save up to 8% with a dark theme, even with LCD screens



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7tutorial recently set out to answer the question – does a dark Windows Phone theme save significant battery life over a light theme?

Testing a selection of 4 devices (3 with LCD screens and 1 with an AMOLED screen) and the WPBench stress test, they surprisingly found quite a significant difference with larger screen sizes.


The biggest saving was of course from the AMOLED Nokia Lumia 1020, which gained about 8% longer life with a dark theme, but even the LCD Nokia Lumia 720 managed more than 6% extra with the dark theme.

On smaller screens it appears to make less difference, with the increase on the Nokia Lumia 525 not being significant.

The savings were from a stress test, which drained the battery in 3-4 hours, but in real life one could easily see an extra 2 hours of battery life over the course of a day.

Read more about the details of the test at 7tutorials here.

Do the findings agree with the experience of our readers? Let us know below.

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