Banzai Birds : The bit that hurts is hitting the ground.

It’s no wonder that a bird species that falls all the time is endangered, but one of the few remaining Banzai Birds, Kamikaze Dave, has an idea, a parachute! He is on a one bird mission to repopulate the species, now that falling issues have been solved.

To feed his huge clutch of baby chicks he has to work fast. He needs to dodge and dive for his life to get the family meal to ensure his babies grow and to keep Mrs Kamikaze happy. The evil owls are ever present, ready to pluck Dave from the air. He has to be cunning and quick to avoid their talons.

  • 20 challenging levels of dodging, diving and fleeing (from evil owls) each testing your timing and reflexes using the accelerometer and touch screen.
  • Great cartoon graphics
  • Two additional episodes updates to follow, each with 20 levels, gameplay updates and new graphics

Banzai Birds is free from Marketplace here.

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