Banks Are Choosing Surface Pro 3 Because It Offers Mobility Without Sacrificing Security, Power And Performance

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Microsoft today highlihgted on their blog that number of banks are choosing Surface Pro 3 as their single device of choice for their employees because it offers mobility and long battery life, without sacrificing security, power and performance. Usually, branch employees will have a desktop workstation in the office, a laptop for remote meetings and an iPad for direct customer engagement. Now, Surface Pro 3 can replace all of these devices. By this move, Banks can also save costs through device consolidation by deploying and managing a single device.

Microsoft today also announce that Jack Henry & Associates has introduced its new BranchAnywhere application for Microsoft Windows and Surface Pro 3.

The app helps banks centrally manage all aspects of customer info, and allows bank employees to become mobile branch managers who can meet their clients to safely and securely access important customer and account information from any location.

You can order Surface Pro 3 from Microsoft Store from the links below.

Surface Pro 3 Estimated retail price (USD)
Intel® Core™ i3, 64 GB and 4 GB of RAM $799
Intel® Core™ i5, 128 GB and 4 GB of RAM $999
Intel® Core™ i5, 256 GB and 8 GB of RAM $1,299
Intel® Core™ i7, 256 GB and 8 GB of RAM $1,549
Intel® Core™ i7, 512 GB and 8 GB of RAM $1,949

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