Bank Account Manager v4 now released

BAM v4 is now available on the MP with yet a better user interface grouping now all your operations per groups depending of your own criterias and each group is expandable/collapsible !
This WP7 financial app is the only one in the MP to provide so many bank accounts management features in a such powerful interface
If you are interested by a such application,try it and you will adopt it !

New features :

  • BAM starts again faster
  • All BAM statements were improved in term of performances
  • Posts, budgets, and payees/payers are now standalone lists in the main pivot page
  • BAM provides now for each list a "group by" feature to group all list items per group which are expandable/collapsible
  • The operations list of a custom filter can be pinned on the main pivot page as a standalone list so you can now customize BAM interface with you own result lists !!
  • Etc..

BAM is Price: $2.99. See the BAM blog for all details and try it here.