Bank Account Manager 5.10 now available

BAM V5.10 is now available on the MP with a nice welcome screen, redesigned Metro UI, and of course more features !

This personal financial WP7 application, present in MP financial top list in many countries and localized in 4 languages (German coming), is one of the most complete of the MP in its category and provides many features in a powerful interface.
Try its trial mode and you will be suprised how it is so easy and quick to enter your expenses/incomes, forecast your accounts balances in the futur, or be reminded of your upcoming transactions !

New features of V5.10:

  • Welcome screen to give you a quick access to any BAM list.
  • “Metro” theme completely redesigned to give a better experience !
  • The total of accounts balances is now visible in both the Accounts list and the dashboard.
  • Filters display additional information in “detailed view”mode.
  • Accounts can now get currenty rate if needed
  • BAM settings are now organized per section
  • New settings to define tiles content
  •  Etc …

See the BAM blog for all details.

BAM is Price: $1.99

Go and get it here