Bank Account Manager for Mango now available


26, 2011

BAM V5.0 specific for Mango is now available on the MP with of course a quick reactivation mode but with also a great tiles support and a background agent !

This personal financial WP7 application localized in 4 languages (German coming) is one of the most complete of the MP in its category and provides many features in a powerful interface.

Try its trial mode and you will be suprised how it is so easy and quick to enter your expenses/incomes and forecast in the future the balances of all your accounts !

New features of V5.0:

  • recompiled for Mango so immediate reactivation of the App
  • the “New transaction” page can be pined on the start screen to allow you entering in few seconds your expenses or incomes !
  • a tile can be created for each transactions list of BAM
  • created tiles specific to an account can display on their back the account’s balance
  • A tile can be created for the upcoming transactions list and display on its back the first 6 upcoming transactions !
  • background agent to calculate every day the upcoming transactions and the next account balances, and to refresh the tiles

See the BAM blog for all details.

BAM is Price: $2.99

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