Baltimore County Public Schools To Give 150,000 HP Elitebook Windows 8.1 Devices To All Students And Teachers

Baltimore Windows

Last week, we reported that Microsoft will be investing over billion dollars in providing latest Windows devices to students in the US. Today, Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS) announced that they will be distributing about 150,000 Windows 8.1 devices to students over next few years that will have impact in their education, and also also takes transformational learning methods.

Today is a milestone day for Baltimore, as Superintendent Dr. Dallas Dance visits a number of classrooms to start the distribution of some of the devices that will be a part of the District’s journey toward 1:1 classroom scenarios. We’re working with Dr. Dance and his team of educators and staff to execute on the district’s Students & Teachers Accessing Tomorrow (S.T.A.T.) initiative aimed to fundamentally shift teaching and learning. Together with Hewlett Packard and Daly Computers Inc. we’re helping the district rollout 150,000 HP Elitebook 810 Revolve Windows 8.1 devices to all students and teachers over the next four years. Also, through our Student Advantage offer, the district which is already providing Office to faculty and staff, can now offer the productivity suite to students at no additional cost.

Read more about it from Microsoft here.