Bad news: Samsung is copying Apple and destroying the best feature of the Samsung Galaxy Buds


4, 2020

Samsung is rather famous for copying Apple, from the shape of their icons to dropping the headphone jack, and now it seems Samsung is following Apple down the wrong route again.

3D schematics have leaked of the next version of Samsung’s Galaxy Buds, and they have the code-name Beans.

Winfuture have turned them into the images which can be seen above, and it is clear that Samsung will be dropping the ear canal segment and leave the “beans” loosely hanging in your year, with reduced passive noise insulation.

This is, of course, similar to the Airpods, but not the much better Airpods Pro (below).

The 2.8 cm device is otherwise very similar to the current Samsung Galaxy Buds+, with two speakers, multiple microphones and have the code name SM-R180. They are expected to protrude less from your ears than the current design.

The design is said to be in final validation, and I assume we will see the headphones released either in Q3 with the release of the Note 20 or next year with the Samsung Galaxy S21.

What do our readers think of the new design? Let us know below.

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