Baconit 2.3 Reddit reader now in Marketplace

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Baconit, the great Reddit reader for Windows Phone 7, has seen an update to version 2.3 which brings along a list of new features.

Changes include:

  • BaconSync – Synchronization of visited links between devices, and sending webpages to your phone.
  • Flip View – Like image view but now it works with self-text, images, and websites. A completely new way to browser reddit!
  • Go to subreddit has been added around the app to allow you to jump to the subreddit for the story.
  • New self-text parser that is much improved
  • Updates icons and graphics
  • Baconit now handles all subreddit, comments, and permalinks url internally.
  • Bug fixes and UI tweaks
  • Performance tweaks
  • And much more!

imageA full changelog can be seen here.

Baconit comes in a free version and a $1.99 version which is identical but serves as a donation to the developer.

The Donate version can be found in Marketplace here.