Baconit 2.3.1 update brings bug fixes

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Baconit, the great Reddit reader for Windows Phone 7, has just seen its version 2.3 release.  The update did not however address all the of the bugs the developer, Damerell, hoped it would, leading to the release of another point update now in Marketplace.

Changes include:

  • Attempted another fix at “disappearing comment bug”
  • BaconSync bug fixes
  • More and smoother animations
  • Added refresh to flip view for websites
  • Infinite memory bug fixed
  • Great UI speed improvements
  • A few other UI changes

imageA full changelog can be seen here.

Baconit comes in a free version and a $1.99 version which is identical but serves as a donation to the developer.

The Donate version can be found in Marketplace here.