Backlight brightness toggler for the HTC Kaiser/ AT&T Tilt

As a Kaiser owner I dearly love my device, but I also know that the screen is not exactly its best feature. In fact, a bit like a vampire, bright sunlight can make your Kaiser nearly useless. And when in bright sunlight, it can be nearly impossible to see the icon which would make your backlight brighter too. A terrible catch-22 situation.

XDA-Developer denizen and Kaiser owner LobsterII has run into the same issue, but instead of just living with it has done something about it. He has developer a small utility, available on his website, which allows command-line control of the backlight. At its simplest, just running the app will take your brightness from 1 to 3 to 5 to 7 and finally 10 on the brightness scale, and then back again. Its suitable to be assigned to a hardware button (I have assigned mine to a press and hold of the voice dialer button) meaning you will never need to look at the screen to brighten it up.

Read more and download the app here.