Both Axiom Verge and Zenith are now available for the Xbox One


Axiom Verge’s Xbox One release was announced a little over two weeks ago, but it isn’t the only Xbox One game to release today. It’s joined by Zenith, a comedic action RPG from BadLand Games.

Axiom Verge is a pretty big throwback to the original Metroid, but it’s still its own game. It’s one of many games in the “Metroidvania” genre, and its visuals mix retro styled pixel art with fantastic (and often surreal) art design.

While the Xbox One might be the final console to get the game, that wasn’t always what was planned, according to developer Tom Happ. It was originally intended to be an Xbox 360 title in the Xbox Live Indie Games service, but development went on much longer than expected, leaving the game unsupported on the Xbox One – until the system got MonoGame support.

Axiom Verge can be found in the Xbox Store for $19.99 usually, but there’s currently a 10% launch discount, which brings the game’s price down to $17.99. It’s located in the store here.

Zenith is another $20 indie game, and stars Argus, a hero who’s tired of being a hero and just wants to settle down. The game’s description boasts of its humor and parody, and it seems like a solid title. If you’d like to check it out in the Xbox Store, you can find it here.

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