Awesome Lock V2.3 now available


13, 2013

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image004Awesome Lock app was updated to version 2.3. This update brings several improvements across the various features of the app. Some of the improvements are:

  • Select up to 12 favorite pictures from your phone’s gallery (Awesome Lock will randomly select one on every background picture update)
  • HD support (your favorite or Bing daily picture as background on all its glory)
  • Choose weather pictures from a list 6 six different sets of weather images
  • Improved support for devices with 512 MB of RAM (trying to circumvent some of the hardware limitations)
  • Other minor bug fixing and improvements

These features accumulate on v2.2, which included the following improvements:

  • Users are now able to select multiple news sources across different countries (besides the random functionality per country)
  • Improved Stocks functionality
  • Now it’s possible to monitor stock symbols from other markets besides NYSE and NASDAQ (virtually from any market around the world)
  • Monitor up to 8 stock symbols
  • Settings, disable dark gradient

About Awesome Lock

AwesomeLock allows you to get the latest news, weather info and monitor your favorite stocks directly from your phone’s lockscreen. AwesomeLock is the best way to customize your phone’s lock screen with information tailored for you. The information on lock screen will be automatically updated every 30 minutes.

Some of the key features are:

  • Show news on the lock screen
    • Use one of the predefined news source (predefined sources for 17 countries)
    • Some default news sources: CNN, Al Jazeera, El País, Le Figaro, Skynews, Financial Times, UEFA, The Times, and many more.
    • Provide your own favorite news source – Check in your favorite news site for a RSS or Atom URL.
    • Several other customization options are available.
  • Monitor stocks
    • Monitor up to 8 stock symbols
    • See price variation as percentage or value
    • Monitor stocks from virtually any stock market around the world
  • Show weather information
    • Current location
    • User defined location
  • Show next calendar appointment/event
  • Background image
    • Use Bing’s daily picture
    • You can select the picture from 9 countries
    • Use a picture from your phone’s gallery

Coming soon:image010

  • Live tile support
  • User defined feeds – user will be able to add multiple feeds and select them together with the predefined feeds.
  • Other features that I’ll disclose later.

Awesome Lock is available on Windows Phone Store for 1.29$ with a fully functional free trial. Find it in the Windows Phone Store here.

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