Average selling price for top 10 paid Windows 8 apps rising, higher than on the iPad



Rank Jan Price December Price iPad W4 2013 Price
1 Drift mania  $2.99 Angry birds star wars  $4.99 Minecraft – Pocket Edition  $6.99
2 Angry birds space  $4.99 Draw stickman:epic  $2.99 Angry Birds Star Wars HD  $2.99
3 Plex  $2.99 Plex  $2.99 Pages  $9.99
4 Angry birds star wars  $4.99 Angry birds space  $4.99 Joe Danger  $2.99
5 Where is my Perry  $4.99 Pin stream  $1.49 Scribblenauts Remix  $0.99
6 im+ pro  $4.99 Touch file  $1.99 Bad Piggies HD  $0.99
7 Libraries file explorer app  $1.49 Fruit ninja  $4.99 Notability  $1.99
8 Doodle god  $2.99 Tweetro  $4.99 Toca Hair Salon 2  $1.99
9 Rat on a skateboard  $1.49 Youtube +  $2.99 Temple Run: Brave  $0.99
10 4 elements II special edition  $2.99 Shark dash  $1.99 Sofia the First: Story Theater  $3.99
Avg Price  $3.49  $3.44  $3.39
Games 7 5 8
Other 3 5 2

Neowin has had a look at the top 10 paid apps on Windows 8, and inspired us to look a bit further at the store.

The list from December 2012 and January 2013 shows significant volatility, with only 3 apps being same same in both December and January (Angry Birds Space and Star Wars and Plex), showing there is still a lot of opportunities for developers to get in front of buyers.

Those developers should probably be coding games however, with 70% of the top 10 list being games, a 20% increase over December, when more utilities appeared on the list.

The composition appears to be drifting towards what is typical for the iPad, where 80% of the top apps are games.

Interestingly the average price of the apps are also drifting up, from $3.44 to $3.49, which is higher than the $3.39 on the iPad.

9 out of the 10 apps arrived on iOS before Windows 8, suggesting developers are currently extending their reach to Windows 8 rather than developing primarily for the platform.

Windows 8 currently 2.66% of the worldwide Internet-using PC installed base, according to StatCounter. Given that there are more than 1.25 billion PCs in the world, we can estimate around 30 million Windows 8 PCs are in use, vs around 100 million iPads. This number is of course rapidly rising and should surpass the iPad installed base in less than 2 quarters, suggesting developers may want to start porting those games to Windows 8 ASAP, and maybe start thinking of it as a primary platform by the end of the year.

What do our readers think of the way the Windows 8 store is developing? Let us know below.

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