Those who may be upset at the PlayStation exclusivity of Marvel’s most beloved character, Spider-Man, in the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers game may want to buckle up because developer Crystal Dynamics has explained their reasoning behind the character’s exclusivity. 

The news comes from Crystal Dynamics’ studio head Scot Amos who stated that the inclusion of the playable character in the Avengers game is due to the “relationship that PlayStation and Marvel have.”

In an interview with Newsweek, via VGC, Amos revealed that the relationship with Spider-Man movie rights holder Sony and Spider-Man video games, comics and merchandising owners Marvel gives the studio “an affordance with Spider-Man that we wouldn’t have otherwise. So that’s something unique because of that relationship”.

“We happen to be ones who can execute and deliver when it comes down to choices of where and what Spider-Man can be, that’s a relationship question that you know PlayStation absolutely has the rights to that as you guys know with Sony’s [movie rights] ownership there and Marvel with Sony saying, ‘hey, this is something we can do, this is something we can do on this platform’ and as creators we have this opportunity that we can make something unique and fun and awesome,” Amos said.

The exclusive inclusion of Spider-Man in Marvel’s Avengers has brought the ire of a lot of fans who are aware of the character’s complicated rights distribution. With Xbox and PC gamers being unable to play as the franchises’ most loved character, Amos insisted that gamers will “have the option to do so on PlayStation.”

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“I would say that Marvel’s Avengers has a lot of heroes, and with the scope and the breadth of this game and this universe, players are going to have their hands full with a lot to play with,” Amos continued.

“This is an opportunity to celebrate [Spider-Man’s addition] uniquely for those players [on PlayStation] because of that relationship, but I think there’s so much of a world for people to explore, I wouldn’t look at that as a reason not to embrace it the opportunity [to add Spider-Man on PS4 and PS5]. I would say, look at all this stuff you get to play with.

PlayStation gamers will also be given access to a wealth of exclusive missions, skins, premium currency and more when the game releases this September.