After years of silence, Marvel’s Avengers was finally debuted at E3 2019. While the reveal showed very little gameplay, we were introduced to some of the new character designs for our titular heroes, and some fans are not fans of these new designs.

Many thought that the designs of the titular Avengers look like budget versions of their MCU counterparts. With each character taking certain elements of the MCU actors but not wholly committing to their likeness, it gave many the Uncanny Valley effect.

Personally, I wasn’t a fan of the game’s new Captain America design. The game’s chunky, bomb-squad looking costume lacks the heroic look of both the comics and movie interpretations. He’s a genetically engineered super-soldier, why does he need so much padding?

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Speaking with IGN, lead creative director Shaun Escayg spoke about the game’s negative feedback from fans.

“We are always listening to and welcome feedback from our community. There are currently no plans to change our character designs,” Escayg confirmed.

However, for those who desperately despise the designs, design tweaks may be made before launch. According to Escayg, the game is still in an early stage and things may be tweaked before launch.

“The trailer is showing pre-alpha gameplay footage, which means the level of detail and overall polish of the character models will absolutely continue to improve as we get closer to launch,” Escayg said.