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Auto Speed is the GPS gauge for Windows Phone that displays the speed of a car, calculates the distance and alerts when your speed exceeds the limit.

There are many situations when knowing the exact value of actual speed is essential, for example, while driving in a town or on a motorway under the speed cameras. Quite often, you need to drive at high speed without being infracted. Is it possible? Yes, it really is. Automobile speedometers indicate the current speed with some error. The readings can be 5-10 km/h higher than the actual speed, especially when the car moves fast. Sometimes it is difficult for a driver to evaluate the correct speed of the vehicle that is not equipped with a digital speedometer. Auto Speed helps you here.

Auto Speed is an automobile speedometer for Windows Phone designed for analogue and digital car speed indication. Windows Phone is an excellent environment to do that and it is quite handy because a smartphone stays always with you.

Auto Speed helps to avoid traffic infraction by continuously providing your actual speed. It is obviously the best way to keep calm and to save money by driving everywhere without exceeding a permitted limit. Regularly, it is also useful to evaluate the distance of one or several trips. Additional counters are provided to accomplish that.

This application also warns you about the stationary and mobile speed cameras, red light cameras, speed limits, dangerous crossroads, speed bumps and the other road obstacles. More than 60 countries are covered. It works offline.

Auto Speed is an essential application for the drivers of the cars lacking digital speed indication. Auto Speed saves you money on speeding fines, helping you drive safely and relaxed, wherever you are.

The features:
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  1. Gauge with digital speed indication.
  2. Speed cameras and traffic enforcement warnings.
  3. Sound or vibration warning notifications.
  4. Alert if speed exceeds the specified limit.
  5. Various units of measurement (km/h, MPH).
  6. Trip distance measurement.
  7. Trip time and total traveling time indicators.
  8. Total distance calculation.
  9. Altitude indicator.
  10. The indicator of directions.
  11. Indicator color customization.
  12. Supports both vertical and horizontal orientation.
  13. Adjustable gauge position on the screen.
  14. Live tiles support for distance indication.

Download the Auto Speed here from Windows Phone Store.

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