Auto Rickshaw Aggregator Jugnoo App Updated With Refreshing Look In Windows Store



Jugnoo App

Auto Rickshaw Aggregator Jugnoo has now updated their app for Indian Windows users. The updated app comes with a refreshing new look and the ability to book a ride on a single tap.

Jugnoo Autos allows you to book on-demand, affordable and safe rides, without the hassles of getting overcharged. Simply tap and a certified Jugnoo driver reaches your desired location in minutes, just like you book a cab on Uber and other cab services.

How Jugnoo works:

1. GPS detects your current location.
2. Tap the auto button in the centre and we ping the nearby Jugnoos.
3. One of the Jugnoo accepts the request and starts your way.
4. Get instant confirmation with driver details.
5. Track the Jugnoo coming your way on the map or call him directly.
6. Carry the meter with you and pay according to distance travelled on completion of the ride.

Download the updated app from Windows Store using below link.

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