Aurora – create your own magical wallpaper

Aurora is an unusual, fascinating and creative drawing app for your Windows Phone. With a particle simulation in the background, you’re creating glowing sparks that get deflected by an invisible force field and thus create visually pleasing images. You can choose between different colors by holding down the color buttons for around 2 seconds.

Depending on the style you want to achieve, you can additionally add real-time glow* to further intensify the lighting.

With the built-in high-quality rendering engine you’re also able to produce images in 1600×960 to use it on your desktop PC.

*glow is only supported on Mango devices because of 32bit color resolution requirement.

App Description:

With Aurora you can create fascinating images directly on your phone. This is not a drawing app in the common sense. You are spawning glowing particles with your fingers that come to live by some kind of magnetic field. Have a look at the screenshots to see some of the results.

When you’re satisfied with your creation, you can save the image to the gallery for further usage/processing.

There is also some background music that adds another atmospheric component.

The app costs $0,99 and  free trial is available.

Aurora can be found in the Marketplace here.