Augmented Reality finally comes to Windows Mobile

Augmented Reality, where virtual data is overlaid on real scenery, is all the rage on Android and a lesser extent on the iPhone, but the lack of Windows Mobile devices with Digital Compasses have back this field.

With the arrival of the Samsung Omnia 2 however, which not only has a digital compass, but also has this fully documented with a public API, this is no longer a barrier, leading to the development of the first real Augmented Reality app,  OMPASS – World Cities for the Samsung Omnia 2.

HyongaSoft has developed the app, which can display the directions of different cities, along with information regarding their respective countries and distances.

A Pro version will have a “city life” feature, which can display theatre, shopping, road, subway and other local information.

We can expect to hear more about the app in about 1 month’s time.

Keep an eye on HyongaSoft here for more developments.