Audio interview of Scott Rockfeld, Director of Product Management for Windows Mobile



MSMobiles has scored a scoop by securing an interview with Scott Rockfeld, Director of Product Management for Windows Mobile, Microsoft.

Scott was grilled by the usual MSMobile podcast panel, consisting of Edward from MSMobiles (based in Germany),  Mickey from The Cellphone Junkie (US), Alli from (US) and Chris from Mobile Tech Addicts(UK).

The interview covered a range of topics, including the competition, the windows mobile roadmap, Microsoft’s relationship with the carriers, IE6 on 6 coming to current generation Windows Mobile devices and many others. Of course Scott was as cagey as company representatives normally are, but I think the interview does drop some clues about what coming, particularly with regard to integration of Microsoft services in the near future, described by Scott as, with Mobility, as one of Microsoft’s main priorities.


You can listen to the 20 minute podcast right here, or visit MSMobiles for more options.

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