AT&T still doing a poor job selling Windows Phone


While AT&T has always been Microsoft’s “Premier Partner” when it comes to selling Windows Phones, there have been many cases where the performance of their retail sales staff has been less than satisfactory when it comes to actually selling a Windows Phone to enquiring customers.

It seems those issues are continuing, with reader Mark sending us these pictures from an AT&T corporate store, which in the above picture shows the highest end Windows Phone, the Nokia Lumia 1520, being labelled as the lowest end Windows Phone, the 520, showing a clear lack of attention to detail by AT&T.

The same lack of attention to detail continued in the Windows Phone display, which was, to put it mildly, in disarray.


The Nokia Lumia 925 was in the place of the Nokia Lumia 920, and vice versa, and one of the phones did not even have a battery.

According to Mark, even when these issues were pointed out staff were rather apathetic.

Many feel winning in USA is a priority for Microsoft, but if they are not paying attention to the retail channel this will never happen.

What have the experience of our readers been in their local area.  Are Windows Phones now properly displayed and sold, or do retailers remain an issue for the OS? Let us know below.

Thanks Mark for the tip