AT&T Secure Messaging App Comes To Windows Phone Marketplace

AT&T has silently released an app in Windows Phone Marketplace for its customers few weeks before. The app called AT&T Secure Messaging allows AT&T’s Global Smart Messaging Suite customers to send and receive  encrypted messages.

App Description:

“AT&T Secure Messaging enables the exchange of encrypted messages between businesses, enterprises and government agencies who are using AT&T’s Global Smart Messaging Suite powered by Soprano. AT&T Secure Messaging ensures your sensitive personal data is protected -  for example, a one-time password from your bank/online payment broker or a healthcare appointment reminder. Your secure messages are encrypted, then sent to the AT&T Secure Messaging mobile application and decoded, ready for you to read.”

You can find the app here in the marketplace. Find the video demo of the same in the via link below.

via: wpcentral