AT&T extends NL 920 free wireless charging plate offer, offers Buy One, Get One Free on Windows Phones

by Surur
January 13, 2013


It seems AT&T is doing everything it can to make sure Windows Phone’s Q1 2013 is as good as their Q4 2012 was.

The company has extended their offer of a free $50 wireless charging plate for the Nokia Lumia 920 to the 21st February, from the 10th January when it was meant to expire.

They are also offering a free $100 credit towards a Windows Phone 8 handset if you buy another, which makes a second Nokia Lumia 920 or 8 GB HTC 8X effectively free.

Of course both handsets will need to be under contract, which adds up to several thousands of dollars over its course, so a few $100 here and there will not do anything to hurt AT&T’s profit on the deal, but will hopefully help the Nokia Lumia 920 and other Windows Phones continue to do well on the biggest Windows Phone carrier in USA.


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