Atmosphere Weather updated, includes slew of new features


6, 2014

Atmosphere Weather, the advanced, modern Weather App for Windows Phone recieved a massive update today to version 1.3. The update includes a slew of new features, ranging from new themes to more weather data and very advanced storm tracking features. Full changelog – it’s quite massive – and download links after the break.

Atmosphere Weather 1.3: Full  Changelog

  • Two new themes, including light and “Atmosphere Blue”.
  • New settings menu
  • Generally more modern, refined UI throughout the app
  • New storm tracking features (US Only, Full version only): Bearing of nearest storm; Distance of nearest storm from current location
  • Weather alerts
  • When there is an alert in affect, tap the notification circle with the app open.
  • View content of alerts from local authorities such as NWS
  • Moon data
  • Visibility
  • Ability to contact developer
  • Better loading screen, now less intrusive on UI
  • Better “Welcome to Atmosphere” screen
  • Locations, other data no longer all uppercase
  • See example of storm tracking in trial before you buy!
  • Much improved animations
  • Cortana Support

Download Atmosphere for Windows Phone 8/8.1


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