Atlassian brings Jira Cloud to the Surface Duo


21, 2020

Atlassian has updated its Jira Cloud app to fully support the dual-screen Surface Duo.

Atlassian says the dual screens give you the perfect mix of power and flexibility.  With the device folded, completing small tasks on one screen is simple: check your notifications, reply to comments, and update issues. When you need more context, unfold the dual screens; heavier tasks like refining your backlog, analyzing reports, monitoring roadmaps, and preparing releases are all easier with two screens. When you’re working in your home office, set the dual-screen device next to your workstation. Track work, get notified of changes, and respond quickly to Jira comments or requests while you get things done.

Atlassian has optimized the Jira user interface to work well for both single and dual screens. When in dual-screen mode, Jira’s global navigation remains on one screen, giving you constant, easy access to your top-most tasks. Depending on what you’re doing, the content extends (board or roadmap, for example) or shows two different views (queue and issues, for example). When you don’t need an expanded view, you can revert back to the usual single-screen Jira mobile experience for multitasking with another app, or fold the device to be used like a traditional smartphone.

Extending Jira from one screen to two screens and moving issues on the board

With Jira and Outlook open concurrently, you can drag and drop an issue from the board straight into your email and send it off in seconds. Need a quick meeting with your team? With Jira and Microsoft Teams open side-by-side, complete your standup or kick-off meetings alongside your team’s backlog, board, or queue – wherever, whenever. Share your screen to give more context when you’re talking to team members. Need more information about the work? Pull up Jira alongside Confluence so every time you tap on a linked page from Jira or tap on a linked issue from Confluence, you won’t ever need to switch apps back and forth ever again.

Drag and drop Jira issues straight into Outlook and video call your team with ease

The app has the same underlying Android codebase, and retained the same snappy experience and ease of use, but with added flexibility in the way you can use Jira.

The new Jira Cloud app is available now for the Surface Duo (or any Android device).

Jira Cloud by Atlassian
Jira Cloud by Atlassian
Developer: Atlassian
Price: Free

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