At least some-one in Google thinks Windows Phone is a “major mobile platform”


26, 2014

Many believe that the greatest factor holding Windows Phone back is the lack of support from the Google ecosystem. Google has only one app in the Windows Phone Store, for Google search, and has explicitly forbade the development of semi-official apps for their other services like YouTube or Google Voice.

Google’s repeated defence is that the $50 billion a year company does not have the resources to support such an insignificant platform as Windows Phone, but it seems, at least according to a Google job post, that some-one at Google disagrees, with the post reading:

Minimum qualifications

  • BS in Computer Science
    or equivalent practical experience.
  • Native app development experience on at least one major mobile platform (iOS, Android, Windows Phone).
  • Experience in ObjectiveC, iOS, Java, Android, C#, WP7, UI Design and Implementation

While some are tempted to read into the post, for a YouTube Mobile App developer, that Google intends to develop a Windows Phone app, I think it is pretty clear Google finds it convenient to poach Windows Phone developers but not to support our operating system.

We can just hope that the new reality of Google’s search revenue being encroached on Facebook’s ad network and with iOS and Firefox likely to switch to Bing-powered search Google will start realising the value of being inclusive rather than being an evil monopolist.

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