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GadgetMix has given the Asus P552w a good going over, and has published their review here.

The Asus P552w is a full-screen Windows Mobile 6.1 smartphone with competitive features for 2008 (HSDPA, GPS, WIFI, 2 megapixel camera etc), except for the significant miss of only having a QVGA screen, rather than a full VGA screen. One of possible side-effects of this omission however may be the great speed of the device, compared especially to the VGA-screened HTC Touch Diamond.

In fact GadgetMix comments

When was the last time you used a fast device? Let me say, a really fast device! If you have been an old Windows Mobile user, your memories may roll back to the Windows Mobile 2003 days. Well, ASUS has come up with the ASUS P552W, a device equipped with a very powerful Marvell Tavor 624MHz CPU promising super fast performance and with sleek and slim design, looks like ASUS has product that promises to be a winner among people.

The device also features a number of other enhancements. It features Asus’s Glide user interface that looks pretty good, even on a QVGA screen, and also other interesting features like being able to synchronize your calender over the air with Google Calender and being able to filter your calls. GadgetMix reports battery life is good, easily reaching 2 days of moderate use, despite having a speedy 624 Mhz processor.

While this device will not likely receive wide distribution in the west, Asus is an extremely ambitious OEM, and has already found a home for its VGA-screened XDA Zest on O2, and of course the WVGA Asus Glaxy should be taking on the Samsung Omnia worldwide. If all these devices are as good as the Asus P552w appears to be Asus deserves all the success they can get.

To read the full review, which includes more than 20 screen shots, visit GadgetMix here.

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