Asus Not Happy About Windows RT, Says “The Result Is Not Very Promising”

Asus Zenbook 14inch

Asus CEO Jonney Shih has told AllThingsD that they are not happy with the Windows RT growth so far. He told that “The result is not very promising,” referring to both Microsoft’s Surface and Asus VivoTab RT. However, Asus is not stopping the developement of new Windows RT products. But they are putting all of their time and energy into devices that use Intel chips, since lots of people still prefers them.

He also noted that Microsoft also made their mistakes such as removing the Start button and menu completely, etc,.

But Shih isn’t giving up on Windows products. The company recently introduced the Transformer Book Trio, which runs both Windows and Android, and the company is evaluating building smaller 10-inch and eight-inch Windows tablets.

“My personal opinion is the 10-inch may make more sense,” Shih said.

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Source: ATD