Asus Is Evaluating To Build Its Own HoloLens Device


19, 2015


Speaking to CNet, Microsoft Windows chief Terry Myerson revealed that Microsoft is ready to allow OEMs to develop their own HoloLens hardware based on Microsoft’s holographic platform. Asus said that they are evaluating about it.

“Everything we’re doing in hardware, we do with the mind of how do we grow the Windows ecosystem,” Myerson said. “That is why we’re investing to create a category.”

It’s ultimately up to Shih whether Asus makes its own version of HoloLens, Myerson added. Shih said he’s “still evaluating” what form any potential Asus augmented reality glasses will take.

“Wait and see,” he said.

Terry was also asked whether Microsoft will release a cheaper version of HoloLens for consumers. “When my kids can’t put the Minecraft on HoloLens down,” he said, “we know it’s ready for Minecraft players.” My prediction is that Microsoft will start selling HoloLens to limited customers in late 2016.

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