Astro Bacon & Astro Bacon Free fills the bacon-themed gaming niche

Astro BaconHello all,
I’m here today to announce my new game Astro Bacon.
There are two versions of the game available: Paid ($0.99) and free (ad supported). The limitation of the free version is that the ad banner makes the game more difficult in later levels.

Ever wanted to hurl asteroids at space pigs? Well, thanks to Astro Bacon, now you can!

In a bid to feed the world’s ever increasing appetite for pork, some science boffins decided to breed genetically modified pigs in space. Unfortunately, the pigs figured out how to use weapons and escaped. They are now taking direct orders from the "Mother Sow" who is hell bent on destroying earth. Now it’s up to you to defend the earth against the space pig menace. Pilot a nearby satellite and use its grabber to hurl asteroids at space pigs in this side scrolling action game.

Astro Bacon is a side-scrolling space shooter with a difference. You control a satellite in the fight against the evil space pigs. Instead of having a gun you must use the satellite’s upgradable grabber arm to throw different types of asteroids at the pigs. This makes for some tactical attack and defend game play on harder difficulty settings.

To control the satellite you touch the screen anywhere. This brings up a thumb-stick at the touched location. Drag outwards from the thumb-stick to move in that direction.
To fire an asteroid you can either double tap with one finger or while the thumb-stick is active, touch the screen with another finger at the same time.


  • Multiple space pig and asteroid types.
  • Upgradable grabbers and armour.
  • OpenXLive (Achievements and High Score tables).
  • Particle effects.
  • Simple, open control system.
  • 25 levels and 3 difficulty settings.
  • English, German, French and Spanish language support.

imageAstro Bacon can be found in Marketplace here.

Astro Bacon Free can be found in Marketplace here.

See more screen shots after the break.

Astro Bacon Home

Astro Bacon Game Play

Astro Bacon Game Play

Thank you for reading.

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