Assassin’s Creed Origins is set to receive its first major story expansion this month

Ever since Assassin’s Creed Origins launched late last October, Ubisoft has supported it through the months with a number of title updates, events, and items. Now players can look forward to the biggest addition yet as the developer has announced the game will receive its first major story expansion, titled The Hidden Ones, sometime this month.

Over on Assassin’s Creed’s official website, Ubisoft detailed what players can expect from Origins in January starting with a title update. This update adds:

  • A new quest to celebrate the arrival of the first expansion, The Hidden Ones
  • Update to the Heka chests item pool, which adds the items from the Nightmare and First Civilization packs, as well as the Gladiator and Wacky packs to the pool
  • A new option to sell outfits at weaver shops

Information regarding the plot in The Hidden Ones is sparse, with Ubisoft simply stating that “Bayek and the Assassins will clash with the Romans, who occupy an all-new region in the game.” This expansion will also increase the level cap from 40 to 45.

More Trial of the Gods events await players as well. From January 9-16, players can face off against the deity Anubis. Then from January 23-30, you can test your skills against the god Sobek.

The in-game store is getting new weapons packs throughout the month, and one of the new Ubisoft Club rewards is inspired by For Honor.

If you haven’t picked up Assassin’s Creed Origins yet, I highly recommend it. The series may have been increasingly stale the past several years, but Origins was just what it needed to be revitalized. You can pick it up for $59.99 on the Microsoft Store. Its Season Pass, which includes The Hidden Ones and more, is available for $39.99.