Askyon Fitness motivates and inspires for a better performance

Askyon Fitness

Askyon Fitness is the third application which now targets fitness enthusiasts – people who love to be fit or just to discuss about it. The first Askyon application released in April – Askyon Social – is for everyone who wants to meet new people. The second Askyon application targets people interested in fashion – Askyon Fashion. Each has its own categories and Askyon Fitness is not an exception. It is only one category which connects always two of them and if you know which one it is, then your askyons are visible to more people because they show up in both apps.

Askyon Fitness on Windows Phone 8.1Askyon Fitness comes now also with Live Tiles that will switch between logo and your last opened askyon. We recommend it is your favourite askyon when leaving the app 🙂

Askyon Fitness QR CodeCan’t decide or need advice? Ask, compare, motivate and inspire others for a better performance. Askyon Fitness allows you to ask or compare anything with images, receive feedback and meet new people. Need advice on exercise plan or diet? Do you want to motivate others or just want to show off after a hard workout? Then Askyon Fitness is the right app for you. Compare 2 images and find out what other people think! You can vote, leave comments and send personal messages.

Download Free Askyon Fitness from Windows Phone Store.

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