As per Bing Predicts, Donald Trump will win all four of the February GOP primaries and caucuses


27, 2016

Bing Election Predictions

The Iowa Caucus marks the next phase in the 2016 election. Microsoft’s Bing Election Center will now feature predictions on the Bing Political Index (BPI), candidate profiles, timeline and more. The main news here is that Bing Predicts is calling Donald Trump to win all four of the February GOP primaries and caucuses.

Our machine-learning models use data from polls, prediction markets, and anonymized and aggregated search-engine queries to forecast the winners of the Republican and Democratic nominations at each state. We regularly revisit and revise these predictions as changes in public opinion change the likelihood of certain outcomes. For example: Candidates typically gain or lose momentum after these first electoral events. Visit for the latest predictions.

Note that we predict the candidate who wins the popular vote in a given state’s primary (or caucus) rather than determine the likely choice of the delegates at each party’s national convention. As recently as 2012, Iowa delegates to the Republican National Convention reversed the popular decision and favored Ron Paul over Rick Santorum.

To know why Donald Trump will win, read the blog post from Bing team.

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