As Expected, Scott Guthrie Becomes The New Cloud & Enterprise EVP At Microsoft


4, 2014

scott guthrie

As Microsoft’s Enterprise and Cloud chief Satya Nadella has been appointed as the CEO of the company, his old position was left in void. Many of us expected Scott Guthrie to take over Satya’s old position and it seems like Microsoft has done the same.

Microsoft announced internally today that Scott Guthrie has been promoted to his new position on February 4. ZDnet’s Mary Jo Foley summarized people who will be working now with Guthrie,

Nadella had quite a few direct reports, in addition to Guthrie, who was the Corporate Vice President of Azure Program Management, as a result of various reorgs. Among them were: Bill Laing, who was the Corporate Vice President (CVP) of Development for Windows and System Center; Brad Anderson, CVP of Program Management; Jason Zander CVP of Development for Windows Azure; Quentin Clark, CVP of Program Management for Microsoft’s former Data Platform Group; Dave Campbell, who became the CTO of Microsoft’s former Server & Tools division; and Jason Wilcox, the Corporate Vice President in charge of Test.

via: ZDNET

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