As Blackberry crumbles Microsoft says a large slice of the B2B market is theirs for the taking

Speaking to MobileToday, UK-based Microsoft representatives expressed confidence in the ability of Windows Phone to grab market share in the enterprise world.

‘There’s a level of trust with Microsoft. It has been in this business for 15-20 years, successfully supplying businesses with PCs and laptops. I think the launch of Windows Phone 8 and the coming enterprise releases really has solidified that. Mobility was the piece of the jigsaw missing, and now it’s slotted in nicely,’ said partner account manager Richard Warren.

‘Look at the way O2 has gotten behind us, especially the Office 365 proposition. When you can offer that conversation to an enterprise customer that suddenly becomes very powerful.’

‘If an enterprise customer approaches us about moving its mobile estate onto Windows we’ll draw on our partner expertise. Whether it’s Exertis Micro-P for supply, O2 for minutes and data, or Nokia for mobility, we’ll address the customer as a joined up team, and that’s our strength.’

There certainly seems to be an increasing enterprise story around Windows Phone, with the handsets seeing strong adoption in enterprise in places as disparate as Australia , Finland and Brazil.

Richard said Windows Phone ecosystem was a better business fit than iOS or Android, saying ‘We can go from those big data centres at the back end, all the way through to shiny devices in people’s hands and provide the exact same software on their phones, tablets, PCs and laptops.’

Warren said the level of engagement with carriers has developed as market share increased.

‘You have to pay to play with the operators unless you can guarantee volume. Once we get to a position where we’re comfortably sitting above 10% of the market I think we’ll have the same level of engagement as Apple or Samsung,’ he said.

Nokia has launched  a £1 million marketing campaign in online and print business publications with the aim of increasing Nokia’s 11.5% share of the enterprise market while directly challenging the lead, Blackberry.

Head of b2b marketing Rikke Rasmussen added: ‘It’s good pressure challenging to be the number one business ecosystem. All of the blockers that we experienced before have disappeared, so as far as we’re concerned market share is there for the taking.’